About Emma

Hello and welcome! I’m Emma, a Californian living in the beautiful Southcoast of England.There is not one specific thing, but a series of events that lead me to where I am today. I never saw myself working in a traditional setting, but had no idea what this meant for my life. I’ve had a lovely relationship with art, of all forms, for much of my life. I grew up constantly drawing and painting, and flirted with photography and design while studying multimedia at university. This love for photography eventually blossomed into the most beautiful and significant career I could dream of. I’m an artist, dreamer, storyteller, and mother. I live to create and am inspired by love, honesty, and warm, beautiful light. I want to document your most cherished moments. I want to create images that you will value and love—just like a wonderful piece of art—where each image artfully embodies you, your love, and your legacy.