Yesterday evening’s outdoor session with this gorgeous family was originally due to take place at Sandbanks beach…

The council decided to close all the beaches due to the public’s negligence (quite rightly so).
So instead of postponing, they decided to make the session at their family home.

We made a ten minute walk up to this dreamy location, overlooking the beautiful Dorset coast. I felt like I was in the book “We’re going on a bear hunt” 🐻
The most amazing “plan B” ever made in my time of photographing families.
What a beautiful summer’s evening, and a special way to close the day for this mummy’s birthday.

Family walking in Jurassic Coast
Dog at beach in Dorset
Family at Jurassic coast with view
Little girl holding fossil
Mother and daughter holding hands at Dorset coastline.
Little girl running on coastline with view
Husband and Wife walking in Dorset
Children playing in a field with dog